Finding the right outdoor chairs for outdoor entertaining is easier when you shop with Relax House. Our outdoor dining chairs are available in all styles and tastes.

Bold Styles and Designs

With an array of colour options, these bold designs will add style to your space. In addition, many of our chairs are made to stand up to tough outdoor conditions and have been galvanised or are UV resistance in order to prevent fading and corrosion. Our aluminium chair options won't get hot even when placed in direct sunlight. This means that our outdoor dining furniture is uniquely designed to offer you stylish options and the best value.

Arm Chairs

Our Jasper Morrison replica Air Arm Chair is excellent for small dining areas. As one of our stackable chair options, this chair makes for storage seating that is both versatile and elegant. The stain and weather resistant design makes these chairs easy to clean and they are perfect for heavy use.

Thermoplastic Chairs

Our thermoplastic chairs are inspired by the works of Ross Lovegrove. With unique details and distinctive cutouts, these designs are make to look natural. Thermoplastic is a fade and stain-resistant polymer that can work well for both home and business.

Restaurants and Cafés

Competition in the restaurant industry requires that you keep on top of the latest trends. If you are looking for outdoor dining chairs to update your restaurant, Relax House can supply chairs that offer the right size, shape and comfort levels.

If you are looking for outdoor dining chairs, review our online options or call Relax House on 1300-307-164 to visit our showroom. Our experienced team of experts can help you to select the right outdoor furniture for your needs at reasonable prices.

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