Replica Basel Chair by Jasper Morrison - Natural Beech / Cream

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Designer Image Designer Jasper Morrison (England 1960-)

The Basel Chair by London designer Jasper Morrison may appear at first glance to be another example in the long line of simple classic wooden chairs that have come out of Europe. Upon a second look, however, it quickly becomes apparent that this model is not the standard wooden chair you may have thought. The seat and back are made from plastic and are much thinner than would have been possible in completely wood constructed chair. Using a number of intelligent solutions, Morrison made this ingeniously proportioned chair such an exceptional design despite the initial impressions of commonality.

Notable were the detail solutions that Jasper Morrison utilized to join the plastic and wooden elements together. The thin plastic seat was fixed to a load bearing wooden ring by an ingenious mechanism that functioned without the use of any screws, the back featured two web-like vertical projections that were inserted into precision-milled grooves of the elongated back chair legs,  This beautiful dining chair is the perfect update to your modern kitchen or dining room. The simple form of this chair make it work well with several different types of style tables.The Relax House replica Basel Chair inspired from the original Jasper Morrison piece takes the classic genre of simple wooden chairs to the next level.

First, the symmetrical and harmoniously balanced proportions catch your eye, then on closer inspection the chair reveals a superb finish. Thanks to the flexibility of the material, the Basel Chair thus offers a much higher degree of seating comfort. The seat and back of our replica Basel chairs are made of plastic and are ergonomically molded with the human form in mind rendering this chair a great deal more comfortable than the average wooden chairs. The plastic surface of our Basel high quality replica is ultra slim and textured with comfort, stability and aesthetics in mind. Our designer replica chair, inspired by the Jasper Morrison Basel chair is at first glace a simple, modern, wood chair. 

But look again and you will see that the seat and back are constructed from plastic making this lighter and ultimately, more comfortable seating. The original Basel chair currently sells for upwards of $500 but with our high quality replica, you can bring the our replica chair into your home or office at a much more reasonable price. At this price, not only can you afford to replace your worn out dining chairs, but you can buy a few extra for when you require extra seating.

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  • Seat size: 47cm D x 42.5cm W
  • Seat height: 45cm
  • Overall height: 80cm
  • Colour: Natural Beech/Cream
  • Seat Material: Plastic / Wood
  • Frame Material: Beech wood
  • Assembly: No assembly required