Danish Hans Wegner CH-30 American Ash Wooden Chair Replica- Brown Ash

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Designer Image Designer Hans Wegner (Denmark 1914-2007)

The Husset dining chair is a wonderful, true to form example of mid century modern Danish design. This classic, wood chair is on par with dining chair offerings from Danish designers like Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner. Gaze at the Husset dining chair and you will see the same principles at play. The Relax House Danish design inspired Husset chair uses richly textured ashwood and ashwood veneers to create a chair that looks as natural and organic as a perfect little tree at your dining table. Even the dining chair’s legs connect like leaves and branches on a tree. The Husset has graceful cigar shaped legs extending from the elliptical backrest down the back to the floor, which are never be created by machines but by careful manual craftsmen.

The chair’s veneer seat and back rest, moulded into gently curved shapes, manages to lend a soft feel to a hard material as well as a touch of depth and warmth. The Husset has slender, cigar shaped legs and decorative wood bracing that provides stability to this already striking chair. The Husset Danish style dining chair is molded to fit the contours of the human form, so sitting on this chair actually feels good. With a chair as comfortable as the Husset, you had better pour every one another glass of wine, this dinner party could go on all night.

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  • Seat height: 46cm
  • Overall height: 75cm
  • Seat size: 55cm W x 47cm D
  • Colour: Stained Ash Veneer
  • Seat Material: Stained Ash Veneer
  • Frame Material: Ash
  • Assembly: NA