Original European Made Bentwood Roundback Chair w Cream Seat Pad - Michael Thonet Designed - Natural

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Michael Thonet’s designs have come to symbolize the simple marriage of form and function and the superb economy of materials. The Michael Thonet Roundback café chair original is simple, chic and well made making it a time honored favorite of kitchens, cafes and restaurants since the 1840s. Famed architect and designer Le Corbusier once said of Thonet’s chairs, “Never was there an object as elegant, as well conceived, as precise in its execution, and practical in its usage.”

Modernists far and wide revere the simple, classic form of a Thonet chair. Here at Relax House, we give an appreciative danka schoen to German furniture visionary Michael Thonet for his chic bentwood chair designs. The Michael Thonet designed Roundback café chair is solid bentwood with a look that can be both classic and contemporary given it simple, timeless styling. The chair is pictured here in a natural finish and is sturdy enough to withstand heavy use whether you have a house full of unruly toddlers or a bustling restaurant.

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If you take the time to admire you will notice that each product is unique using many pieces of European Beechwood. Based on the nature of natural wood inconsistencies in grain, joins, colour, texture and shape deserve appreciation like strokes on a painting or sculpture.

It is important to note that any stress marks in the timber from the production process will not exacerbate over time. Stresses caused in the bending and joining process are what make these items so impressive. This can be more prevalent in the painted options as the paint tends to highlight these 'perfect imperfections'

Just like us no two are the same. Enjoy.

  • Width: 43cm
  • Seat height: 46cm
  • Overall height: 81cm
  • Colour: Natural
  • Seat Material: Beech timber bentwood
  • Frame Material: Beech timber bentwood
  • Assembly: No assembly required

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