Replica Ross Lovegrove Thermoplastic Supernatural Dining Chair - Red

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Selling for over $200 each, buying a Ross Lovegrove’s Supernatural original might seem as reachable as a trip to the moon. But our Relax House design replica has a much more palatable price tag.  At this low price, you can buy as many of these visionary chairs as you need. 

Our replica Supernatural chairs are constructed from hard wearing polypropylene and therefore they are weather and stain resistant making them easy to clean and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  Our chairs are also stackable which is great if you are looking for extra seating that requires storage between uses.

Lovegrove, who calls his design process "organic essentialism," introduced the stacking Supernatural chair in 2005.  It was an instant hit with its oddly familiar, other worldly appearance. "I'm like a sculptor of technology," said Lovegrove, “my work is about trying to push technology, and to develop a design language that's worthy of our capabilities." Nicknamed Captain Organic for his curvilinear, nature-inspired designs, his artistic ideas, while unconventional and experimental have always seemed also somehow practical and utterly functional. London-based artist Ross Lovegrove is known for mixing unconventional materials and new manufacturing techniques.

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  • Seat Size: 42cm W x 42cm D
  • Seat Height: 45cm
  • Arm Rest Height: 66cm
  • Overall Height: 79cm
  • Colour: Red
  • Material: Thermoplastic

Relax House received a 4.9 Star rating by Google Reviews. 2015