Moon Injection Moulded Thermoplastic Cafe Chair - Blue

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  • Seat Size: 40cm W x 45cm D
  • Seat Height: 44cm
  • Overall Height: 80cm
  • Colour: Blue
  • Seat Material: Plastic
  • Leg Material: Plastic
  • Assembly: No assembly required

The iconic Ross Lovegrove Supernatural chair was our inspiring starting point. We put our own stamp on it and changed things up a bit.  Our Moon Café chair features elliptical cut outs that add imaginative design details. The design cut outs suggest sunlight peaking between the branches of a tree. Or perhaps you see cells of a plant as viewed under a microscope, small circles of life taking an elliptical form when stacked upon one another. Or do you see little bits of sunlight penetrating the depths of a smooth, still lake? Whichever images it triggers in your mind, the plasticity of the Moon chair evokes the best of nature. 

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